Where is your nearest critical care bed?

Posted by Iotics on March 27, 2020

Iotics offers real-time insight into critical care bed availability to combat COVID-19 outbreak. Find out more about Iotics COVID-19 Response.

London, UK – March 27, 2020 – Iotics, the award-winning leader in digital twin technology and digital ecosystem enablement, has announced a project to help deliver live event-driven data across the UK to enable and empower front line NHS administrators and staff with insights on availability and occupancy of vital resources during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Inspired by the efforts of NHS, Social Care, Support and Administration staff in the face of the pandemic, Iotics formed a skunk works to support a digital ecosystem across the NHS to deliver vital insight in real time to front line staff. Mapping, understanding and monitoring the availability of critical care beds, resources and staff is currently a time consuming and difficult task, increasing workloads on already stretched resources.

The team at Iotics have created a Critical Care Resource available for adoption and providing a digital twin of every trust and hospital with an overview of total available critical care beds. NHS representatives can claim their hospital to update bed availability rapidly and securely. The secure digital twins of the beds receives event analytics from each trust and across the NHS as a whole, delivering feet-on-the-ground level insight and supporting centralized command and control overview and management. The combination of digital twin and event stream provides real-time tracking of availability of critical care beds and an immutable historical record for analysis and decision support.

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The technology behind the Critical Care project can scale flexibly and securely as required to include any new resources – such as test results, patient administration and ventilator availability – in our collective response to the current crisis.

Iotics CEO Robin Brattel said “The whole country needed to pull together to support our frontline NHS staff in the execution of their duties. Combatting COVID-19 requires the collection, interaction and interpretation of a vast array of complex data across a disparate and fractured digital ecosystem. An ecosystem that is already under pressure to a degree not previously experienced in our lifetimes.

Iotics created the CriticalCare project to lighten the load on our government, healthcare and public communities and eliminate vulnerabilities. Data can be seamlessly accessed and actioned by global leaders and free up our care providers to focus on people.

We are committed to providing first responders, hospitals and staff with line of sight into the real-time availability of critical care beds allowing for optimization of scarce resources.”

The Iotics team are ready, with their technology-agnostics tools and expertise, to support all of those organizations and individuals including Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Palantir, Faculty AI and NHSX, in the creation and delivery of real-time insights across institutional boundaries.

The Critical Care resource is accessible here: https://criticalcare.iotics.com/sign-in. For more information or to support, collaborate or expand this project please get in touch with the Iotics team on https://www.iotics.com/contact-us/

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