What is a digital ecosystem?

Posted by Iotics on August 26, 2020

Data lakes and data aggregators are not digital ecosystems. Data alone is not enough. Digital ecosystems arise through the selective sharing of information between valued assets in real-time. Brokered interactions between business critical data sources is an essential foundation. Internal, external, private and public data sources feeding only event analytics to the digital ecosystem to creates a rich and informed, single source of truth.

computer screen digital twins workingTrue digital ecosystems abstract away the complexity of heterogeneous systems, APIs and data formats and create a homogenous, asset-focused view of the underlying world. With the correct access control rights in place, interactions can be brokered between valued assets, applications and data sources and allow control interfaces to be actuated to orchestrate change across the digital ecosystem.

The information shared through these interactions should be significant change event data only, all data should remain onsite to ensure efficiency, agility and scalability. As relations proliferate, the ecosystem flourishes and becomes a source of truth encompassing more knowledge of the valued assets than the assets themselves.

With Iotics, interactions can be brokered between valued assets. This allows organizations to selectively choose exactly which pieces of data can be shared to produce meaningful data. Furthermore, this data can be securely shared with other businesses which enables limitless possibilities for interactions between businesses and their clients.

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