Top Start Ups to watch in the New Year

Posted by Iotics on December 19, 2018

news articleIotics helps make dumb machines smart by creating intelligent digital twins of connected IoT devices and the wider data estate using a cloud-hosted middleware space. Last year, Gartner heralded digital twins as a top-ten strategic technology trend. What they deliver is something often regarded as impossible: IoTsecurity coupled with open interoperability. Imagine different platforms, services, networks and devices securely interrelating with public and private third-party sources. Robin Brattel, Iotics chief executive, explains that this patented technology “enables secure programmatic interoperability of data and controls for interactions across organisations, supply chains and silos”.

Unsurprisingly, it is garnering support in the high value manufacturing and construction sectors.
“It is the digital twins that interrelate, with actual devices, data sources and equipment never exposed,” says Mr Brattel. “These interactions are securely brokered with granular access control; the source or control is always in charge adaptively choosing when and to whom they are visible.” What this means is that by using an intelligent abstraction layer, Iotics can overcome the well-documented challenges of IoT security that have led to the creation of data siloes and vertical technology stacks that previously limited return on investment.

“Our technology is being adopted by market-leading global enterprises to achieve the impossible,” Mr Brattel concludes. These abstracted digital twins become a single source of truth, enabling solutions from simulation models to reality and minimum viable product to scale.