The Future of Data in Your Digital Ecosystem

Posted by Iotics on February 18, 2021

Listen on the Digital Reflections Podcast here.

This week on Digital Reflections, the Iotics podcast, Marcus and Ali talk to Sean Gigremosa, the technical product manager at Rolls Royce, and a digital twin “evangelist.”


A lot has changed since Sean gave an interview about digital twins with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in 2019. But, what hasn’t changed is Sean’s deep belief in not only the value of digital twin technology, but the exponential value of a network of twins.

Digital twin technology is not simply a solution to a problem, but an entirely new perspective, allowing the user to identify the problems they struggle with and provide them with the necessary tools to solve them — all without compromising the integrity of the user’s data.

Sean’s perspective is inspiring. While we don’t yet know all the use cases of digital twin technology, we know that the potential of the technology is tremendously hopeful and, more importantly, adaptable to nearly anyone who needs it.

We find this exciting. Do you? If so, then this episode is for you…

New and Exciting Ideas

Beyond digital twin technology, this week we’re discussing everything from autonomous cars to COVID-related digital transformation to “the Metaverse.”

How is the technology behind autonomous cars similar to a digital twin? What will life in a 3D, virtual world look like? How has the pandemic affected manufacturing?

reflection-of-ideasTechnology infiltrates every aspect of our lives — and it’s changing every day, especially in the face of the pandemic. So, how are things changing without us even knowing and how can we be prepared for the future of technology? More importantly, how will the way we connect with each other change as technology evolves?

This week, we’re making predictions, drawing parallels between technologies, and reveling in our excitement about the technology of the future.

What Else is Happening?

This week, Shell announced a new investment strategy focused on striving toward a low carbon, zero-emission world, including investing $5 billion in EV charging stations and other sustainable energy solutions.

If even massive corporations like Shell are looking toward a better future, how can we not be hopeful about the societal shift that’s currently taking place?

The driver for change is the environment we find ourselves in. There’s so much change to discuss in this week’s episode. We hope you’ll tune in and join us in being a part of that change.

Listen on the Digital Reflections Podcast here.