Digital Reflections Podcast: The Evolution of Abstract Concepts with Digital Twins

Posted by Iotics on March 24, 2021

Listen to the full podcast episode here. 

This week on Digital Reflections, Ali and Marcus are chatting with Tom Henderson, the Program Manager at techUK, the UK’s Technology Trade Association. Tom focuses on smart infrastructure and systems, including digital twins and smart cities. So, as you can imagine, Tom’s ideas and vision are right up our alley.

Our opportunity to speak with Tom couldn’t be better, as techUK launched a report last week called “Unlocking Value Across the UK’s Digital Twin Ecosystem,” which shifts the focus on digital twin technology from whether we use them, to how we use them.

The report serves as a set of foundational recommendations to the UK government and various industries in order to drive consensus about what a digital twin is and what exactly it can accomplish.

This report energizes us not only because it speaks to the benefit of digital twin technology right now, but to how digital twin technology can evolve and adapt in order to drive digital transformation for years to come.

The value of digital twin technology isn’t as a one-off solution, but as a solution that can be integrated across limitless applications — if we start to implement it now into our vision of the future.

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Digital Transformation via Digital Twins

The Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) has released a Skills and Competency Framework to help individuals, organizations, and training bodies understand what roles and competencies are needed to support the digital twin rollout. For our purposes, this Framework serves as a great companion piece to techUK’s recommendations.

Both resources represent the first step in normalizing the integration of digital twin technology into standard business practices. For us, that’s pretty exciting.

What Else is Going On?

Ever wondered what the internet would look like as a piece of art? What might that art teach us about how we have connected with each other over the last decade?

And how might technology be able to augment healthcare in order to bring better care to those in need? While some might be worried about losing face-to-face interaction, a new service in Brazil is proving that technology doesn’t detract from the human experience, it augments it.

From industry, to art, to science and medicine, technology has the power to completely transform the way the world works. 

We can either resist that evolution or embrace it and, in the meantime, start preparing the ways we might welcome it when it comes. 

Listen to the full podcast episode here.