Introducing Hans Kuropatwa, our interim CEO

Posted by Iotics on September 17, 2020

Introducing Hans Kuropatwa, our interim CEO. Hans is a founding investor and board member of Iotics and starts in his role following the resignation of Robin Brattel.

Hans has held a number of large CEO and regional CEO roles from his time with Vodafone and Motorola prior to his time as Group Chief M&A officer of Ooredoo, the Qatari Telecoms Group. Hans has recently hans-kuropatwa interim CEObeen drawing on his experience to actively coach and mentor a number of high performing teams going through significant challenges including the Ooredoo owned mobile operators in Indonesia and Myanmar.

Hans’ significant hands-on experience of delivering products and service to world-leading corporates in the UK, US and internationally through both direct sales and via third party channels will be invaluable in positioning Iotics for success in its growth phase – targeting scaling and widespread adoption.

Hans said of his new role “I am very excited to be joining the Iotics team. Since the company’s inception I have championed the vision and potential transformative impact of Iotics’ world beating technology, and am pleased to be able to help the company succeed in the next phase of its evolution and development, scaling the team, expanding the product and driving widespread adoption.

We have a great team here at Iotics and I am excited to help shape that team, giving them the resources, support and tools to continue to deliver for our customers, working with our partners and developing IOTICSpace and preparing for widespread adoption and growth.”

Ian Orrock, our chairman, welcomed Hans saying “We are delighted that Hans has agreed to join Iotics as Interim CEO, Hans has been a believer in, and champion of Iotics from the beginning. He has a significant experience in the Technology sector, has led major corporate transactions globally, delivered products and services to corporates in the UK, US and internationally, and during his time at Ooredoo he was their lead in an Asian focussed VC fund set up with Rocket Internet and was responsible for some 15 early stage tech start-ups including one notable exit to Alibaba.”

Hans’ appointment as Interim CEO is the start of an exciting new chapter for all of us at Iotics, our supporters, customers, partners and ecosystem.  We have recently doubled the size of our  US-based team, expanded our product capability with the launch of the self-service Iotics Preview Program and we continue to rapidly grow our world-class engineering function.

If you would like to experience our patented Event-Data Platform, book your place on our Preview Program, or join the journey, please get in touch.