From Data Lake to Data Driven

Posted by Hans Weinberg on April 27, 2020

The often uncomfortable truth that we CIOs know only too well is that companies have struggled to become data-driven. This happens partly due to internal resistance, as big data is considered a cost rather than a resource. 

By using Digital Twin technology, we do not need to create additional cost centers storing data in the cloud. We can push it from any existing source when there is a change of the data in any system, or device, or any thing. This modeling of existing systems and processes, and the link to meaningful events can empower data-driven systems while retaining the processes, interfaces, and practices my organization is familiar with. 

I can make savings, reduce cloud storage costs, minimize unnecessary warehousing while avoiding upheaval to my staff (especially where those staff that are working remotely).   

Digital Twin and Event Analytics technology are transforming the ability for CIOs to adapt and thrive in challenging environments.

kubernetes machine learning data lake head

I was so excited by the strides developing in this space that I chose to join one of the leaders in this field, namely, Iotics

Right now, in the middle of a global pandemic, Iotics has – in just a few days – provided a line of sight tool into the real-time availability of critical care beds. The CriticalCare Project allows for the optimization of scarce resources and encourages further public self-isolation by making the tools available for immediate adoption.

We are in a time of transformation. Remote working is becoming the new normal, we have a focus on cost reduction, and tech is empowering more and more businesses interaction. The right choices can help transform data into meaningful events, to enable us all to survive and thrive as genuinely digital businesses.

I will follow up this blog with a webinar and invite our CTO Mark Wharton, Mark will talk about why he developed the Iotics Digital Twin environment and show you how it works, also why it is so easy and quick to implement. Iotics technology can help you accelerate your digital transformation by implementing Iotics to build your Ecosystem.