Iotics warns against relaxing data regulations in rush to combat COVID-19 pandemic

Posted by Iotics on April 15, 2020

Digital twins of hospitals offer insight into ICU resources  

Digital twin company Iotics is warning of the risks posed by relaxing or by-passing data regulations put in place to protect citizens’ privacy in the race to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. While it is paramount to have access to all relevant data to make informed decisions and support first-responders, healthcare services and businesses, Iotics raises concerns that uncontrolled data mining could compromise security.

“Digital transformation is already revolutionizing patient care and the sources of siloed data seems infinite,” says Robin Brattel, CEO at Iotics. “But with accelerated efforts to find data-driven technology solutions to COVID-19 it is important to maintain strict compliance with patient data privacy policies such as HIPAA and GDPR.”

criticalcare icu inventoryTo harness disparate critical data that resides in multiple silos, Iotics is working on a pro-bono Intensive Care Project to help provide the real-time status of intensive bed availability, with the potential to add other sources of data such as test results, ventilator utilization and patient administration. Iotics offers disruptive technology allowing enterprises to securely and semantically model digital enterprises and ecosystems via digital twins, with access to all relevant and actionable data, while ensuring GDPR and HIPPA compliance.

Iotics has already created a digital twin of every hospital in England with the capability to be linked to the number of intensive care beds and ventilators: This would empower hospital managers to direct patients to available resources, while also providing a regional and national overview. Iotics is now exploring how this approach could be applied to U.S. healthcare and actively seeking collaborators and complementary technologies.

One of the immediate challenges in the U.S. will be handling the data generated by COVID-19 testing. Following the decision by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to issue Emergency Use Authorization to Abbott Labs, the company expects to be able to deliver 50,000 tests per day in the next few weeks. While this will be vital in the battle against COVID-19, there is a real challenge to manage the data effectively and securely.

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