ian orrock iotics board

Ian Orrock, Chairman
Ian is a co-founder of Iotics and a builder of world-class technology businesses in IT, Telecoms and Digital – like Arkessa, Imano, Vianet and TVGuide.com

He has built, managed and successfully exited his businesses over generations of technology in the USA, EU, China and Japan.

Ian focuses on rising technologies; mentoring creative talent; business scaling and creating value.

hans kuropatwa iotics

Hans Kuropatwa, Interim CEO
Hans is a highly experienced senior executive having had global responsibilities in Motorola and Vodafone; he is currently the Group Chief Mergers & Acquisitions Officer at Ooredoo. He has extensive experience in the mergers and acquisitions area and has been actively involved in Ooredoo’s inorganic growth as well as the bidding for greenfield operations.

With more than 25 years of telecommunication experience he has held several high-level positions throughout his career including CEO of Vodafone Sweden.

ed stacey iotics

Ed Stacey, Managing Partner, IQ Capital Partners
Co-founder and Managing Partner of IQ Capital, Ed has been responsible for the technology side of portfolio companies, investment strategy and, as a member of the Investment Committee, general investment activity.

Ed is currently in on the board of Speechmatics and serves as board observer in Privitar, Biobeats, Oxford Space Systems, SenseEye and CPS. His IQCF1 exits include Imsense (Apple, 2010) and Rosslyn (AIM, 2014).

gabriele dini iotics

Gabriele Dini, Associate Partner, Breed Reply
Gabriele is an Associate Partner at Breed Reply, focusing on early stage European IoT and Deep Tech startups.

He has been working in venture capital for a decade, leading 18 seed and series A investments and managing over 40 transactions across different sectors, from digital to biotechnology.

andrew orrock iotics board

Andrew Orrock, CEO Arkessa
Andrew is a co-founder of Iotics. He has broad experience in the IoT space as CEO and co-founder of Arkessa, the innovative technology business specialising in Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine platforms and services.

Provides exceptional market insight and strategic direction to the team from Arkessa and his previous experience at Daimler and ABB.

Paul Green

Paul Green, Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer
Paul is a founding director of Iotic. Visionary and creative, he previously co-founded Arkessa, the fast-growing VMNO. Paul is passionate about enabling technology to benefit business and society as a whole.

He is known for his thought leadership and concepts that disrupt current practice. Paul is the evangelistic, creative brain behind the concept of Iotic Twins.

Matus Maar iotics

Matus Maar, Managing Partner, Talis Capital
Matus is both an experienced entrepreneur and venture capital investor. Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Pirate Studios – the world’s largest chain of music rehearsal studios. Involved since inception with Threads – the pioneering chat-based ecommerce platform.

As an investor he has led or closed over 50 private equity and venture capital deals. Matus is passionate about world changing technology companies and spending time with entrepreneurs who are building them