A More Connected Future

Posted by Iotics on January 25, 2021

There is something profound about our inherent longing to be connected; we will go to great lengths to stay that way, even when common sense tells us it would be easier to stay apart.

Although the “together, apart” mantra has officially been played out, we hope you’ll allow us one last opportunity to stress the value of technology in our continually evolving world. Because even as the world changes, our desire to be connected with each other stays the same.

That said, it makes sense that we would want our technology to mimic this desire — to not only be together, but to do so safely.

A More Connect FutureWhen it comes to sharing data, it’s often just as difficult to do so safely as it is to be together in person during these COVID times. And there’s just no good reason for that. With so much at stake, your data is your business’ most valuable asset. Selling it in order to communicate with or have access to other businesses like yours isn’t a solution.

The solution is Iotics and our digital twin technology, which allows for the secure sharing of secure data in real-time. We’re harnessing the power of connection and adapting it to a digital ecosystem that makes what you once thought of as completely inaccessible data, accessible in ways previously unimagined.

What are Digital Twins?

Imagine a Zoom call. You are not physically present in a conference room, but there is a digital version of you in your own small box with your voice communicating with other people in their own small boxes. 

What you’re doing on that Zoom call is sharing information and dialogue — or, even, “data” —  on your own terms. You can mute yourself at any time, severing your colleagues’ link to the information you provide. You can choose to end the call. You can choose to get up and walk away, leaving a view of an empty room (though your colleagues might not like that very much). 

In short, there is no threat to this digital version of you. It’s a relatively low-stakes version of an in-person conversation.

The same is true of digital twin technology

smart city digital twinIotics allows you to create a “twin” of your data (the Zoom version of you) that can then communicate with or be shared with other data safely. 

That means that you can conduct analysis and reconfiguration securely and with integrity. No one has to give up their data to get the information they need or communicate exclusively with like-minded experts in their field.

So, just like that Zoom call, data exchange is now completely on your own terms.

The World of IOTICS

There are over 50 billion connected devices worldwide. Why shouldn’t they be able to communicate with one another securely?

If we can continue to conduct business virtually over Zoom and email in the midst of a global pandemic, we can evolve to share data with trust and integrity. 

Iotics solves the problem of communicating across corporate boundaries and navigating differing technologies and languages. We create an overlay architecture that leaves your data untouched, bridging these gaps so that you can focus on what matters. 

the digital world
Whether that’s secure
data sharing, real-time notifications, extracting meaningful data, or leveraging semantic data models, it’s completely up to you. You’ll have access to everything you need without ever weakening or risking the security of your data.

Working together is what Iotics believes in. We bring together data and the people who create it in a completely new way, forging bonds between people who believe there is a better, more secure way to navigate our digital world.