Interactions drive Digital Transformation

Data interactions at the heart of an organization delivers results, the problem is data access and security. Our software enables users to harness the power of their data interactions creating the safe space where data and digital twins interact – a data mesh - between their systems layer and data layer.

Data Mesh Technology

Interoperate any data, digital twin or service across legacy, on-prem, cloud, IoT, and analytical technologies creating a secure decentralised, federated network of interactions.

Power long-term digital transformation using real-time business event streams. Unlock the power of your business by eliminating complex infrastructure and shortening time-to-value.


In Iotics semantic modelling and metadata (data about data) enables intelligence to be embedded within data enhancing relationships and interactions between Twins

Digital Twins

Interactions occur between and ecosystem of Digital Twins. Twins of data sources, users, and consumers. Virtual twins preserve the security of data sources and users.
Iotics Digital Twin Animation

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